Two2Cool Race Oil Additive

Two2Cool Race Oil Additive
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RACE OIL ADDITIVEThe product that made TWO2COOL famous. Even though we have created our own line of Superior Quality Oils which come...
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The product that made TWO2COOL famous. 
Even though we have created our own line of 
Superior Quality Oils which come premixed 
with the Race Oil Additive, You can still purchase 
this additive directly to add to your existing oil 
solution and reduce temperatures and increase 
reliability immediately.
Also: Use this on 50cc Centrifugal Clutch applications!

8oz Bottle

  • Lower Engine Oil Temps Instantly
  • Create less friction without clutch fade (contains no friction modifiers)
  • Produce more power (Less friction, Less Engine heat)
  • Save you money on costly repairs
  • Reduces Foaming
  • Reduces engine coolant temperatures
  • Doubles the effective oil life span resulting in lower overall maintenance costs
  • Stabilizes Viscosity and Protects the additives already in your oil from depletion due to heat

Two2Cool Oil Additive ( 10 Years of changing the rules)

Two2Cool Oil Additive #6035 is the only oil additive that delivers the best defense against the harshest enemy of oil lubricated engines “HEAT”. Re-formulated in 2008 with the latest chemicals and advanced engineering is providing a reduction of temperature from 20-75 degrees. It works by chemically bonding to metal parts that are creating heat from friction and cools those vital engine parts and reducing friction.

Using the Two2Cool's proprietary oil additive creates more horsepower at the end of the race, and protects vital engine parts providing longer service intervals. Used by factory teams for the last 5 years! This secret is out and available to everyone.

This additive will:

The “only choice” for engine protection in modern carbureted, fuel injected, turbocharged and supercharged Gas or Diesel Engines, Transmissions and Differentials.

Can you afford NOT to add this protection from heat? The cost of repairing engines due to overheating is much more than preventing it to begin with by just adding 2 oz. per quart to your oil.

This product has been used in every major oil manufactures products line for the last 5 years. To save money Try our DinoCool and SynCool motor oils for advanced protection from Two2Cool and some of the most advanced oils on the market today!


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