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More products being added every day! Give us a call at (760)-244-7028

KTM Clutch Case Saver

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2012-2019 KTM, Husqvarna, 4 stroke 450/500 XC, XCW,EXC, SX, ... FE+FC Factory Addition
2000-2019, 2 stroke 250-300 XC, XCW, SX EXC... TE+TC
NOT 250+350 4 stroke engines sorry aye!

We have made this guard strong and light by using 7075 Aluminum. The window through the center of the part takes weight off and does not trap mud, as other designs do! Of course it protects the Clutch slave cylinder from debris that may be thrown its way by the chain. This Slave cylinder needs protection as repeated pounding by the chain can damage it and brake fluid l eakage here,means failure.

* more clearance for 1 tooth larger front sprocket
* Works with Rekluse adjustable sender.
* More clearance, for the Shift Lever. Or, a Higher P
osition, if desired.
* Mud and debris build up on the underside here causing missed shifts ... .
* Designed / Wall thickness, between the Sprocket and 
Hydraulic sender- protects, CLEARANCE matters,larger front sprocket, still FUNCTIONAL.
And, its not an OVERWEIGHT Brick, on your High tech MACHINE.

The "Clog and Bog"

The stock chain guide "Clogs" with mud in wet conditions . This translates into increased drag, Bogging down the engine and wearing the chain / sprockets. The bogging is more noticeable with 2 stroke engines.

Note: Stock chain guard is modified as shown below. To the right of the blade is used, as the "Bottom out rubbing block", for the chain.


FITS: yr 2012-2019 450/500 XC, XCW, SX, Factory Addition, yr 1998-2008 250/300 2 stroke SX, EXC yr 2008-2017 250/300 2 stroke XC, XCW

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