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ZipTy Slippery Washers Secondary or Driven CVT Clutch Shims. We all know how inefficient the CVT system is on our...
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ZipTy Slippery Washers Secondary or Driven CVT Clutch Shims. We all know how inefficient the CVT system is on our side by sides. We add bigger engines to throw more horsepower at the CVT which gets hotter and eats it up just so we get a little more down to the rear tires. To try to improve this condition, we must find solutions to increase the efficiency of our CVT systems. But much of our attention is given to the primary clutch in the form of sheaves, weights, and different types of machining. The truth is that the secondary or driven clutch, drives the primary. It is the driven clutch which determines the efficiency of the primary and is often misunderstood and over looked. The Rhino driven clutch isn't exactly a high tech roller STM clutch now is it. It has a crude button style helix and spring which is questionable at best, and a binding drive spring which is often increased in size which compounds the problem. In the past, I used plastic beer washers under my secondary spring. But I found that while these washers seemed to yield smooth operation under light pressure, they did not with a load applied. A friend of mine from EPI sold me a set of Teflon washers, but these were also soft and didn't handle the spring pressure, eventually causing binding again. This was especially true with my aftermarket orange spring. As the plastic washers became hotter with riding around, they began to soften and bind worse. I found when climbing or hauling around a load, my driven clutch was not back shifting smoothly unless I took my foot off of the pedal. Researching around, I found that Polaris and Can-am had similar issues and have solved this issue using two steel slip washers. They need lubrication between them and grease isn't the answer. They have been coated with an extreme pressure dry lubricant which will last the life of the washer. I have tested these, they work well, problem solved. - Michael Improves clutch efficiency Improves accelerate Improves backshifting Fits all Rhino's 660 and 700 Fits Vikings and Wolverines Patent Pending Also available at these fine retailers:

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