Waterless Coolant #XF2

Waterless Coolant #XF2
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"YOU CAN'T FAKE FAST" by Ty Davis...Especially  with this Coolant. The Last Coolant you will EVER TRY...  USED FOR: Motorcycles,...
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by Ty Davis...Especially  with this Coolant. The Last Coolant you will EVER TRY...  USED FOR: Motorcycles, ATV, SXS, Quads, Trucks, Cars, ANY aluminum block heads.  This New Waterless Race Coolant is red in color and nearly doubles the heat transfer of other waterless coolants. XF2 is race proven and guaranteed to stop boil over in your racing 2-stroke and 4-stroke. And since it is waterless, it will out perform traditional coolants, inlcuding pure water systems. Besides superior boil over protection (-60°F to +374°F), XF2 operates at safer pressures which causes less stress on engine components, increasing their life and reliability. Removing the water component prevents oxidation and erosion of the jacket metal, electrolysis and resulting contamination and fluid destruction. XF2 prevents cavitation and vapor hot spots that create non-uniform metal expansion rates resulting in seizure. You don’t need big, expensive, aftermarket radiators; you need XF2 Waterless Race Coolant. XF2 will keep your Motorcycle, Quad, Truck, Car, SXS, or Race Vehicle from boiling over or your money back! Available in a ½ U.S. gallon size (4.75lb, 2.15Kg). Shipments are available internationally. Note: XF2 is completely water compatible if an emergency increase fill is needed, however, this degrades the coolant and should be drained and replaced. Unlike other coolants, seasonal drain and refill can be practiced with XF2 without flushing. Simply drain and refill. When winning matters, Period. Helps prevent overheating Increases Horsepower Out performs traditional coolants, boil over protection to +374°F Out performs other waterless coolants* Prevents oxidation and electrolysis caused by water 2-stroke, 4-stroke, Gasoline, Diesel, LP, CNG and Race Fuels Works perfectly in Motorcycles, Quads, UTV's and Side by Sides Cars, Pre-runners, Race trucks, Chase vehicles and More XF2 works well in all types of internal combustion engines and all material types Burst protection to -100°F! Don't boil over and get a DNF, get XF2! *Graph based on heat transfer between Ethylene and Propylene Glycol formulas. Propylene Glycol coolants are highly viscous which lowers their ability to flow and transfer heat by comparison. XF2 Waterless Race Coolant MSDS.

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