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More products being added every day! Give us a call at (760)-244-7028
More products being added every day! Give us a call at (760)-244-7028


Suspension Service Form

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Maintenance is important to keep your bike in the best condition possible.  Your suspension is no less important than oil, tires, brakes, chains, or sprockets for reliable, consistent performance.  Forks and shocks have seals, bushings, and other components that rely on oil lubrication to combat heat and friction.  The wear and tear of riding causes these parts to wear as the oil breaks down.  You don’t have to be a top level racer to notice that your suspension may not feel as good as it used to after some time in the saddle.

Why You Need Service

If you are a regular racer, or tend to ride aggressively over rough terrain, you should consider getting your suspension freshened up every 20 hours to maintain consistent feel and performance.  For the weekend warriors that trail ride or enjoy dual sport riding, you should be getting your suspension refreshed every 40 hours or at least annually.  If your bike has been patiently waiting in the garage for a while or you can’t remember the last time you had your suspension serviced, it’s probably time to send it in and get those old, crusty seals and bushings replaced and some fresh oil.


What We Do For You

We perform a complete tear down to inspect all seals, bushings, and the valve stacks.  The fork sliders and shock shaft will be cleaned up and smoothed out.  If any wear items are even suspected, they will be replaced with top quality components and your oil will be replaced with the best available.  Ty Davis will not send your suspension back to you unless he would race it himself.  If you have had Ty work his magic on your valving, you can rest assured that he will update your settings to reflect your changing riding style at no additional cost with your next scheduled service.

Suspension Re-valving for LIFE!

Why should you get your suspension revalved?  The answer is simple really.  Unless you are the same weight or ride at the same level as the factory settings that came with your new bike, or those of the previous owner, it’s just not going to work the same for you. At Zip-Ty Racing, you can tap into the AMA Hall of Fame experience of Ty Davis.  With multiple wins and National Championships in almost every off road racing discipline, including First Place, Unlimited Moto Class team at the 2017 Score Baja 1000, Ty knows how to customize your suspension to suit your needs.

** For the Life of your Suspension and as long as you own your bike you only pay for Re-Valving ONCE!!! (does not include parts)

Tell Us What You Want

We’ve made it simple to tell us what you want.  Simply fill out our Suspension Form and give us as much information as possible.  We want to know more than your weight and what type of riding you do.  Our interactive form asks about all the variables that make the difference between close enough, and just right.  You can see the prices for all the services available so there are no surprises.

(Suspension Form Link)


Get It In Our Hands!

You have the option to drop off your suspension at the shop, or just bring us your bike and we’ll take care of everything.   If shipping is the best option for you, we have tips on the easiest way to package it and make sure it gets here and back to you in the best condition.


(Shipping Instructions Link)





What We Do For You

We perform a complete tear down to inspect all seals, bushings, and the valve stacks. The fork sliders and shock shaft will be cleaned up and smoothed out. Then we use the information you provide to set up your suspension so you can perform at the best of your ability.  We create a custom valve stack profile for each customer and pair it with the perfect spring rate if needed. (Springs sold separately) If any wear items are even suspect, they will be replaced with top quality components and your oil will be replaced with the best available.  When it’s ready we get it back to you with the clickers set at the best starting point to allow you to make changes as needed for the conditions you’ll be riding.

It HAS To Be Right!

Ty doesn’t believe that you should get anything less than the best for your money.  He created the motto that drives Zip-Ty Racing, “You Can’t Fake Fast”.  If it’s not right (which rarely happens) we’ll take care of it.  Once you’ve had your suspension worked over with the skilled hands here at Zip-Ty, you’ll never go anywhere else.  When it’s time for a service to keep your custom suspension working at its best, just let us know if there are any changes in your ability or type of riding or racing.  While it’s apart on your next service, we will take care of those valving changes for free.  You stay with us, and we’ll take care of you.  It’s like being a member of the Zip-Ty Race Team!

WP listened to their customers after the release of the 4CS system and made big improvements to their next generation XPLOR forks.  If you’re a casual trail rider or dual sport enthusiast, you may feel that these work just fine for you but may need some minor adjustments to spring rate or valve stacks.  If that’s all you need, we can take care of you for our normal revalve and spring charge.XPLOR Fork Conversion/Valving

However, if you are aggressive and like to push the limits or you just want top performance, Zip-Ty Racing has got you covered.  The XPLOR system still places the bulk of the dampening duties on one side of the forks and splits the rebound and compression up like the previous 4CS type.  If you have run out of adjustment, have predictability issues, or experience fade in the performance of your front end on a long hard ride or race you will find our conversion is just what you need.

What We Do For You

We perform a complete tear down of your XPLOR forks and install our in house designed compression adjusters made specifically for the XPLOR system in the bottom of each leg.  The rebound adjustment is then placed on top of each leg giving you a much more robust and adjustable front end that you can count on to tackle every type of terrain.  We then set you up with a custom valve stack and spring rate with the same attention to detail as our conventional revalve service. (Pricing Below) You will enjoy a much more adjustable, reliable, and conventional front end that will take punishment and keep you in control.  Make sure to fill out the Suspension Form so that we can give you the custom performance you deserve.

WP AER Fork Service

It seems that as with fashion, certain suspension technologies return from the past.  Air suspension is back, and in a big way!  The gurus at WP have been doing their homework on the new AER system with a weight savings of 3.1 pounds over the 4CS designs and a unique, fail safe system.  We’ve been racing with these forks for over a year and have come up with some great tuning specs to customize them for you.  There is more than just changing air pressure that can be accomplished with the AER system.  There are many tuning options for the cartridge pressure spring and base valving that can be customized in conjunction with air pressure for you.  While they are certainly an option for those that demand the best with less friction, Kashima and DLC coating isn’t a must for these forks to work great for you.  Take advantage of this new technology and let Zip-Ty unlock the full potential of what AER forks can do for you.

If you just can’t stand the thought of relying on an air chamber for your peace of mind, don’t like the way air pressure builds up, or they just are not plush enough for you, we can install a spring conversion kit.  We can easily set you up with the custom valving you are looking for as well.  Prices vary based on the level of tuning you desire.

For those of you with KYB or Showa air forks, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered too.  Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what works best for you.


WP 4CS Fork Conversion/Revalving


The 4CS fork was an innovative idea for it’s time.  You can’t say the engineers at WP aren’t willing to try new things.  However, it just wasn’t quite ready for primetime for most Husqvarna and KTM customers.  It’s hard to set up and delivers what most describe as harsh and unpredictable performance. Add the metal to metal bottoming that literally rips the internal dampening rods apart over time and high speeds on rough terrain and you’ve got a recipe for potential disaster.

Here at Zip-Ty Racing, we were at the forefront of 4CS conversion development.  Ty and the Zip-Ty Race Team spent countless hours refining the system that the rest of the suspension industry now calls standard.  We perfected the base valve compression adjusters and also developed the most innovative and reliable bottoming control system offered.  Stop worrying about what will happen in that rock garden you’re about to hit at speed and let us set you up with the best 4CS conversion in the business.

What We Do For You

We perform a complete teardown of your WP 4CS forks and install our in-house designed 4CS compression adjusters in the bottom of each fork leg.  The rebound is made functional on the top of each leg giving you the range of adjustment that you would expect from a well sorted conventional system.  We then set you up with a custom valve stack and spring rate with the same attention to detail as our conventional revalve service including fresh oil, bushings and seals as required.  If you opt for the bottoming kit it will be installed at this time as well. You will get a much more reliable, predictable, and adjustable front end that you can take confidence in and maximize your performance.


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