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More products being added every day! Give us a call at (760)-244-7028

Dry Break Tank - Vent Breather

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This billet aluminum dry beak tank vent breather is like no other. You can actually tighten it from the outside unlike other versions where you have to somehow get your hand in the tank to hold the backing nut. With Zip-Ty's version installing and routine maintenance is as simply as can be. Also can be used as mounting for syphon breaks and other engine and fuel gas venting. *For off road vehicles only, not for sale or use on street or highway licensed vehicles. 


* Wrench 12mm

* Allen Wrench 5.5mm

* Drill Bit 25/64 or 13/32 A x or equivalent will work.


Step One: Drill Opening.

Step Two: Unscrew the nut from the Breather vent.

Step Three: Insert your vent inside the tank from the opening, and push vent into the hole you drilled. (Keep the O-Ring on the inside of the tank).

Step Four: Insert nut to the top of the vent and secure with the Allen Wrench.

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