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More products being added every day! Give us a call at (760)-244-7028

Husqvarna 310 Drain Back Kit 2nd Generation

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This is the new kit that allows the removal of the inconvenient and dangerous drain hose on 2011-12 Husqvarna TE/TXC 250/310s. Our new fittings are created from billet 78,000psi Zicral and are considerably stronger than the first generation. Reconnection is now convenient, rerouting to the oil fill plug. This kit includes a new drain plug which allows the continued use of the oil pre-filter screen, a new oil fill plug with a specialized 360° swiveling hose fitting. The return hose to hose-barb connection no longer needs to be removed when adding oil. *Note: This kit can be used on all year Husqvarna TE/TXC 250/310s for re-routing the lower hose up to the top fill cap.

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