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More products being added every day! Give us a call at (760)-244-7028

Maxilube 32oz.

by Zip-Ty
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Simply stated, MAXILUBE is an extreme pressure treatment for metal. In motorcycle engines, it is the best insurance we have come across for making engines last longer and survive extreme pressures during racing. But let's not stop there, we actually add MAXILUBE to our greases to keep our bearings and chains workling like new for much much longer. Modern lubricants are about as good as they are going to get. So MAXILUBE solves the problems of friction and wear by treating the metal itself. Metal parts treated with MAXILUBE are smoother and much more resistant to heat and wear. More importantly, the friction characteristic of the metal itself has been reduced by more than 70%! This allows lubricants to do their jobs better and last longer. Which means your equipment runs better and lasts longer - much longer; as much as two or three times the manufacturer's expected normal life. Friction is created by the moving parts of your vehicle working under pressure. Friction produces heat, MAXILUBE is attracted to that heat and the more heat and pressure the parts produce, the faster and deeper the metal gets treated. The MAXILUBE treatment actually makes the friction disappear, allowing your lubricants to do their jobs much more efficiently while greatly extending the life of both parts and lubricants. Used as directed, the MAXILUBE metal treatment is long - lasting and there is no resin coating or bonded film which can peel or rub off. There is no build up on the metal surfaces and no change of tolerances. The treatment is in the metal, not on the metal. Since friction and wear are a continuous process, the MAXILUBE treatment should be continuous in order to have the least amount of friction and wear possible. Simply add a small amount of MAXILUBE when adding or changing lubricants. MAXILUBE may be added to most mechanical devices to increase their durability. MOTORS GEAR BOXES TRANSFER CASES STEERING UNITS UNIVERSAL AND C/V JOINTS HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS ELECTRIC MOTOR BEARINGS PILLOW-BLOCK BEARINGS CONVEYOR SYSTEMS A/C & REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS TRANSMISSIONS * DIFFERENTIALS * WHEEL BEARINGS COMPRESSORS etc., etc., etc. * OK to use in fiber-faced "wet clutch" systems and automatic transmissions, but do not use in metal-to-metal clutch systems such as limited slip differentials. Mix MAXILUBE with all lubricating fluids: MOTOR OIL FREON GASOLINE GUN OIL TRANSMISSION FLUID COMPRESSOR OIL CUTTING FLUIDS HOUSEHOLD LUBRICANTS GREASE GEAR LUBE DIESEL KEROSENE

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