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More products being added every day! Give us a call at (760)-244-7028
More products being added every day! Give us a call at (760)-244-7028

Mousse Bib Tire Grease / Soap

Original price $34.99 - Original price $84.99
Original price
$34.99 - $84.99
Current price $34.99

Ty Davis Mousse Mounting Soap-Grease. Make one of offroad’s toughest jobs – inserting a Bib Mousse, or just changing a tire - a lot easier… use Mousse Lube. Comes in an 8 pound tub, is water soluble for easy clean-up, and may be water diluted for making your tub last a long time. Allows tubes to seek their normal shape during inflation to prevent pinching, lumps and unbalanced wheels. Our lube also prevents mousses from excess heat build-up and failure due to melting. Made from Premium Vegetable Oils Light golden color Contains rust inhibitors Can be diluted 4:1 Environmentally friendly Our Premium Grade tire mounting compound is made using only the finest premium oils, producing a light golden color paste that works excellent for bead packing. MSDS Safety Sheet

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