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More products being added every day! Give us a call at (760)-244-7028

NGK Iridium Sparkplug for KTM/Husqvarna

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Product Description LMAR9AI-8 NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug This NEW NGK Spark Plug fits KTM/Husqvarna 350, 450, 500 & 501 models For many years NGK spark plugs has been the number one choice for offroad enthusiasts. The company uses many composites from standard copper core to platinum core. The Iridium IX spark plug is made with precious metal which is in a white and silver color. With the natural elements of IRIDIUM, NGK was able to create the best spark plugs on the market.The results are: - Spark plugs that require less voltage to spark.- Burns fuel more efficiently.- Sparks at leaner air/fuel mixtures.- Delivers higher horsepower and better gas mileage.IRIDIUM IX Spark plug can be installed on any engine using Standard or platinum plugs.A-New 0.6mm Iridium center electrode reduces voltage requirements and extends ignition system life.B-New metal shell plating has excellent anti-corrosion qualities.NGK LMAR9AI-8 is the Iridium spark plug Plug Specifications: Thread Size: 10mmHex Size: 14mmReach: 26.5mm (1.04")Seat Type: GasketHeat Range: 9Terminal Type: SolidResistor: YesThread Pitch: 1.25mm

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